EHP Labs Beyond BCAA

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EHP Labs Beyond BCAA features the three essential branched chain amino acids but also incorporates several other amino acids and key ingredients to fully maximize not only performance and endurance during exercise but recovery times post workout.

Beyond BCAA is scientifically formulated with the optimal proven 2:1:1 ration of the branched chain amino acids: leucine, iso-leucine and valine.  Combined with Alpha HICA, Citrulline Malate, Taurine, Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Full B Vitamin Spectrum and Electrolytes.

EHP Labs Beyond BCAA features:

  • Helps with the development of lean muscle mass
  • Limits lactic acid build up and muscle soreness
  • Limits muscle tissue breakdown (anti-catabolic)
  • Limits cortisol release and post-workout crashes
  • Muscle protein synthesis
  • Muscle hydration
  • Energy and nutrient delivery
  • Help with endurance and stamina
  • Zero stimulants, sugar, fat and fillers


Container Size: 480G
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (9.6g)
Servings Per Container: 50

Mix 1 scoop of Beyond BCAA with 350ml of cold water. For high intensity or long training sessions, mix 2 scoops of Beyond BCAA with 590ml of water


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Ehp Labs Beyond Bcaa Reviews

4.6/5 based on 21 customer reviews
    I love EHP Labs Beyond BCAA I use them during fight caps when I'm pushing the body to the limit. Not only does it help recovery allowing me to do back to back trainings or two to three trainings a day but it also helps keep sweet cravings away. It also stacks well with EHP lcarnitine
    Had never tried this flavour combo until the guy in store recommended it. Wouldn't go back to any other flavour. Love it
    Kiwi strawberry is where it's at. I sip mine with a quarter scoop of melon oxyshred. Soooooo good
    Been using beyond BCAAS for a year or soo now. By far one of the best recovery drinks.. kiwi strawberry is my fav
    My favourite bcaa. Taste great, fantastic to drink around the gym or as a supplement for a sweet drink. Highly reccomend.
    Great product. Taste great. Easy to mix up.
    It's pricey, but definitely worth the buy (especially with sprint fit discounts). Always sip on this during conditioning sessions and after long road runs. And it definitely helps reduce the DOMS. Honestly thought it was B.S. but I stopped taking it, and realised my DOMS felt significantly worse after my big road runs. One of my top picks (when I can afford it). Also, I have an insane sweet tooth. Have only tried Mango, and Kiwi Stawberry. It helps curb my cravings when I sip away at it. 10/10 for flavour.
    Best stack with glutamine. Keeps the muscles hydrated, keep me going to the last set and rep. Highly recommended
    This stuff is awesome, used it for the Spartan beast race in Hawaii last weekend, kept me well hydrated and sure helped with the endurance and the recovery, muscle soreness wasn't that much and this certainly aided in that
    Would highly recommend! This is my favourite EHP Labs product! I take this during workouts and find it really helps give you that needed energy boost to go for longer and because it's stimulant free you don't get that come down effect like you can if you take a pre workout.

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