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Product Description

Get ripped with the Pharmafreak Ripped Freak Combo which contains Ripped Freak Protein and Ripped Freak Hybrid Fat Burner

Sprint Fit Pharmafreak Ripped Freak Combo contains:

  • Pharmafreak Ripped Freak Fat Burner - 60 Caps
  • Pharma Freak Ripped Freak Protein - 2.27kg

Ripped Freak Protein is scientifically formulated to assist energy expenditure to support fat loss and improve body composition. Ripped Freak protein is made up of superior-quality sources of protein and 4 other ingredient complexes that are scientifically designed to help burn calories and support fat loss.

Ripped Freak Protein is designed specifically to burn more fat than other protein powders, but contains no stimulants so can be used anytime of the day.

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Ripped Freak Hybrid Fat Burner
For those wanting serious fat burning results! There is a reason why this is one of our best-selling fat burners at Sprint Fit!

Pharamafreak Ripped Freak thermogenic fat burner is a powerful formula which stimulates fat burning by maximizing levels of the body’s two most powerful fat-burning hormones, epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

Not only does it stimulate a massive increase in epinephrine and norepinephrine release, but it also prevents the breakdown of epinephrine and norepinephrine. The end result is maximum fat-burning capacity in the body. This fat burner can give you an incredible energy boost pre-workout. Many athletes and bodybuilders use Ripped Freak to promote strength, power, intensity and endurance.

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Ripped Freak Protein:
Container Size: 2.27KG (5lb)
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (30g)
Servings Per Container: 75

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop with 200-250ml of cold water or skim milk. Adjust the amount of liquid to achieve your desired consistency or taste preference

Other Ingredients
Protein Complex (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Egg Albumin, Sodium Caseinate), Maltodextrin, EFA Complex [Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) powder, Sunflower Oil, Flax Seed Oil powder providing MCTs, Soya Lecithin (E322), Tocopherols (E306)], Mono and Diglycerides (E471), Fiber Complex [Inulin, Apple Pectin (Emulsifier E440), Xanthan (E415), Cellulose Gum (Emulsifier E466), Guar Gum (Thickener E412), Carageenan (Thickener E407)], RIPPED FREAK®® Ingredient Complex (CH-19 Sweet Red Pepper powder, Raspberry powder, Green Tea leaf powder, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate), Corn Syrup Solids, Bromelain (Enzyme E1101), Natural and Artificial Flavour, Sucralose (Sweetener E955), Acesulfame Potassium (Sweetener E950).

Ripped Freak Fat Burner:
Container Size: 60 capsules
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Read the entire label and understand all warnings before use and follow the directions. As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with an 8-ounce glass of water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning before breakfast. OPTIONAL SECOND SERVING: Take your second serving (1 capsule) early afternoon, on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before you eat a meal. On workout days, take 1 capsule 30-60 minutes before your workout. Never take more than 2 capsules daily. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. For maximum results, combine with a healthy diet and a hardcore training program



Please Note: Nutritional Information is to be used as a guide only, actual values may differ between flavours and sizes and when formulations are modified or updated by the manufacturer. 
Contact us if you have any questions regarding this products ingredients.


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Pharmafreak Ripped Freak Protein Combo Reviews

4.6/5 based on 82 customer reviews
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Overall Rating

9.2 /10

82 Ratings

Average Flavour Rating

9.8 /10

3 Flavours

Top Rated Flavour

10 /10

Cookies & Cream

Great energy in the mornings. First few days I found it hard to sleep but got used to it. No weight movement yet
Like that these are in capsule form so they're easy and quick to take with other morning pills. Find these curb my hunger well and help me make better food decisions as I'm not feeling so hungry anyway. Usually take 1 a day, sometimes 2 depending on what I'm doing. No jittery or unusual feelings with these pills, have already ordered a second bottle for when the first finishes.
Really good fat burner with a good consistent diet .
This product says you can take one in the morning and then one in the afternoon I do not recommend that, the afternoon tablet has messed up my sleep for the past three days. The morning tablet has been great, energy levels are good and Iv lost two kilos already. Unless you plan on staying up til 1am easy does it with these.
Love this! Take it every morning and gives me so much energy! Been using it for so long and defs keeps me toned

10/10 Chocolate

10/10 Chocolate

Absolutely enjoy our protein. Thanks a lot
Awesome product , gives you that extra boost when you need it
These have helped me along my fitness journey aftrr having torn my achilles in Summer. They really do what they say they do, and i fully recommend these to anybody starting out, or continuing along on their own fitness journey.

8/10 Cookies & Cream

I don't have a sweet tooth so I tend to stay away from most flavours, but this is the only flavour they had for PharmaFreak, and I have to say, I like it. Not too sweet, and a nice change my my usual chocolate.

10/10 Cookies & Cream

Best product to use if you're wanting to keep your gains with a ripped contoured look. Great knowing this is 1 of the ONLY thermogenic proteins on the market. Cookies & cream is good.

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