I spent a long time researching different ‘green powders’ but eventually landed on Nuzest’s Good Green Vitality. I was happy with the high amount of nutrients to fill the gaps in my normal diet. As a runner, I knew that I would cycle through some nutrients more than my regular diet could replenish, so this was perfect. The flavor is nothing to write home about, although it’s nicer than others I have tried. I would highly recommend having this with the protein powder, because then it’s virtually undetectable. Otherwise just close your eyes and skull it down. No one has green drinks for the taste. Since having this regularly (the last 5 weeks every day), I have definitely noticed an improvement in the following: sleep quality, focus at work, bowel movements, skin health, endurance during runs, recovery times. I would recommend this product to everyone. Just make sure you have it consistently so you can actually get the benefit!

- Trent

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