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Sos Endurance

Sprint Fit stocks an extensive selection of Endurance Supplements from New Zealand’s top endurance brands.  There are many different types of endurance products, electrolyte drinks, energy bars and energy gels. All of these products aid to help you compete and train harder for longer. Weather your into Running, Swimming, Cycling, Triathlon or Multisport Sprint Fit has an endurance supplement to help you through the burn.  Buy Endurance Supplements at the best prices from Sprint Fit and receive fast shipping New Zealand. 

SOS Rehydrate is the worlds most advanced hydration solution. As effective as an Intravenous Drip in restoring electrolytes and treating dehydration, SOS enhances the body’s water absorption process by mixing the correct amount of electrolytes and sugars. Used by elite athletes such as 4x Olympic Gold Medallist Sir Ben Ainslie, Olympic Champion Hamish Carter, Indy Champ Scott Dixon, and is the official drink supplier for the Cross Fit Battle of the Fittest 2013. SOS is low in calories, has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. SOS Rehydrate can be used before, during or after exercise to aid hydration, improve performance and speed recovery. Sprint Fit stocks the popular SOS Rehydrate flavours Citrus and Blueberry.

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