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Mutant Whey Protein is a unique 5-Stage Whey Protein that triggers noticeable muscle growth and increases nitrogen retention and also tastes delicious. This 5-Stage Whey Protein allows each source its own unique delivery to the limited number of protein receptor sites in your digestive system. What does this mean? It simply means no wasted protein with 100% whey uptake. Each of the 5 whey protein sources is 100% complete and rich in anabolic BCAAs and Glutamine to speed up your recovery.

Mutant Whey Protein features:

  • 5-stage whey protein powder - Featureing new Nitroserum - the world's most anabolic whey
  • Approximately 22 grams of protein per serving
  • Over 17 grams of BCAA and glutamine
  • Lactose reduced
  • Activates MTOR and muscle protein synthesis
  • Fortified with extra glutamine
  • No aspartame - sweetened with sucralose
  • Addictive taste - perfect for everyday use
  • Half the cholesterol of other whey brands

A lot of science has gone into Mutant Whey, almost 28 months of development leading up to production.  You can always trust Mutant that they are going to deliver a quality product and Mutant Whey is no different, you will not be disappointed.


Container Size: 2.27KG (5LB)
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (36g)
Servings Per Container: 63

Container Size: 4.5KG (10LB)
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (36g)
Servings Per Container: 128

Shake or mix 1-2 scoops (36-72g) with 250-500ml of water or preferably skim milk.



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Mutant Whey Reviews

4.7/5 based on 9 customer reviews

  • I find this the best protein powder for good results. Very tasty as well. Highly recommended
  • Actually my favourite affordable protein. I personally prefer the vanilla. Trying cookies and cream at the moment, not bad. Need to give it a good shake as it does tend to clump like someone else mentioned earlier.
  • I got the Ice cream Vanilla, 1 scoop is a fair amount of powder. It quite sweet but I really like it, I had it with soy milk in a shaker and it was great.
  • awesome protein, i feel like it doesn't get the credit it deserves compared to mutant mass but a great protein in my opinion!
  • I don't usually have a favourite whey protein I enjoy since I usually like to experiment but this one is definitely really good! It taste awesome and not very sweet. Mixes very well. Highly recommend.
  • This is one of the good products out there that I highly recommend. The servings come with 22 grams of protein. It tastes really good (in a milky chocolate kind of way). And it mixes fine (I recommend using warm room temperature water for mixing, then cooling it in the fridge before taking it. Using cold water clumps up the powder). This product also comes in a very affordable price. Thanks Sprint
  • Arrived next day, mixes well and everything, but I have to say I am most definitely not a fan of the vanilla flavour - very sickly sweet, and I have 6lb of it
  • This is the best whey I've ever tasted! The price is cheap and you won't regret buying this. Go this the next day after ordering! Thanks Sprint Fit!
  • I like to try a lot of different protein powders and this is definitely my favourite one so far. The powder is very fine, funnels easily, and the scoop is small. The chocolate and vanilla flavours are really good. I wasn't a big fan of the strawberry flavour, it wasn't awful though.

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