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EhpLabs 24 Hour Burn Non Stim Combo

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Hit your weight loss goals with the EHP Labs 24 Hour Burn Non Stim Combo

EHP Labs 24 Hour Burn Non Stim Combo contains:

  • EHP Labs Oxyshred Non Stim 60 Serve
  • EHP Labs Oxysleep 40 Serve

EHPLabs OxyShred Non-Stim Thermogenic Fat Burner has evolved from the world-leading OxyShred Ultra Thermogenic, trusted by millions of people globally for delivering fat loss results.  One of Sprint Fit's top selling weight loss supplements. EHPLabs fanatical community have asked for an all-natural and caffeine-free version of OxyShred, which we have created in a delicious Peach Rings flavor.

OxyShred Non-Stim contains all of the fat burning ingredients you would expect from OxyShred; Acetyl L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketones and CLA, plus with the addition of Huperzine A – for memory & learning enhancement, increased alertness and an increase in energy. So despite the lack of caffeine, you will still have energy and focus, but without the long lasting effects of caffeine.

EHPLabs OxyShred Non-Stim Thermogenic Fat Burner features:

  • All natural flavours
  • No Artificial flavors
  • Non stim formula
  • No Artificial food dyes or colors
  • No Aspartama or Acesulfame Potassium
  • No stimulants - same potent fat burning

This fat burner is perfect for anyone with a caffeine or stimulant intolerance. It delivers a smooth and consistent natural energy, with razor sharp focus and mood enhancers to get you moving and burning calories. If caffeine is not your thing, but you’re still serious about getting results, OxyShred Non-Stim is designed for you.

No Stimulants - Same Potent Fat Burning
First and foremost, it’s a version of OxyShred, which means that it’s a product designed to help you lose weight.

Some of our community have provided feedback that they like the fat burning effects of OxyShred, but don’t consume OxyShred due to the caffeine. For some people, stimulants don’t let them sleep at night time, or mean their caffeine intake alongside drinking coffee is too high. Non-Stim Oxyshred provides the same fat burning benefits without the stimulants.

Does it still provide an energy kick?
Yes, because Oxyshred Non-stim contains an ingredient called TeaCrine – this helps the body to produce clean, natural energy by increasing the uptake of oxygen and reducing inflammation. It’s not a stimulant, so it has zero impact on the adrenal glands, central nervous system, heart rate and blood pressure! It also won’t leave you feeling wide-awake at night or cause jitters.

EHPLabs OxySleep is a 3-in-1 deep sleep, natural GH release and non-stimulant fat burner thermogenic aid. OxySleep is scientifically formulated with effective ingredients combined to synergistically work on various metabolic, endocrine (hormone system) and neural pathways in the body. ZMA, 5-HTP, Passionflower, Lemon Balm and Valerian Root help with regulating the sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythms) to promote “Rapid Eye Movement (REM)” deep sleep. When the body is in a state of REM sleep, the hypothalamus (section of the brain) is stimulated and also triggers the area of the brain responsible for GH release.

Not only will you have a deep and restful sleep, but the addition of Green Tea Extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Raspberry Ketones, African Wild Mango, Theanine and Chromium will promote blood sugar balance and metabolic activity. 

EHPLabs OxySleep New Formula features:

  • 3-in-1 deep sleep formula
  • Burn fat while you have a deep and restful sleep
  • Regulate sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythms)
  • Maximise recovery and lean muscle growth - by building lean muscle, you burn more calories throughout the day to improve weight loss

EHPLabs OxySleep advantages:

  • Non-addictive formula, so you won’t have problems sleeping when you stop using it
  • Wake up feeling refreshed and energetic - no heavy sedatives in OxySleep
  • Promotes deep sleep so you’re not tired throughout the day
  • Especially useful when travelling through different time zones

EHPLabs OxySleep ingredients:
OxySleep goes beyon the standard thermogenic sleep formula:

Deep Sleep Activator (2,800 mg)

  • ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate), L-Phenylalanine, 5-HTP (as Griffonia simplicifolia), Passionflower Aerial Parts, Lemon Balm Aerial Parts, Chamomile, Valerian Root Extract

Non-stim Thermogenic Booster (300mg)

  • L-Theanine, Green Tea Extract, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Raspberry Ketones, African Wild Mango, Chromium Polynicotinate

GH Release Catalysts (550MG)

  • Alpha HICA 

By stacking OxySleep along with OxyShred and Acetyl L-Carnitine ensures you will have the fundamental supplement combination to naturally enhance your energy and act as a fat burner throughout the day, as well as while you sleep. OxyWhey should be included as your weight management protein, as it assists you to meet your protein requirements, helps you feel fuller for longer, and it also contains metabolism boosting compounds to assist with fat burning.

This combination of supplements covers you from dusk 'til dawn, and ensures that you are doing everything possible to maximise your weight loss. Taking a step towards a happier and healthier lifestyle if easier when you have the right supplementation to accelerate your goals.



EhpLabs OxyShred Non Stim:
Container Size: 60 Serves
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 60  

EhpLabs OxySleep:
Container Size: 40 Serves
Serving Size: 1 Serve (4.6g)
Servings Per Container: 40  

Mix 1 scoop of OxySleep with 250mL chilled water and consume 15 minutes prior to bedtime.
Ensure that you are ready to go to sleep once you have consumed OxySleep as you may
immediately feel tired and sleepy.
Do not operate machinery or drive a vehicle once you have consumed OxySleep.


Please Note: Nutritional Information is to be used as a guide only, actual values may differ between flavours and sizes and when formulations are modified or updated by the manufacturer. 
Contact us if you have any questions regarding this products ingredients.

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Ehp Labs 24 Hour Burn Non Stim Combo Reviews

4.55/5 based on 56 customer reviews

Overall Rating

9.1 /10

56 Ratings

Average Flavour Rating

8.3 /10

7 Flavours

Top Rated Flavour

10 /10

Kiss My Peach

  • 4/5

    10/10 Kiss My Peach

    So far so good not sure about weightloss but feel lighter, lovely flavor.only issue is it does not suppress hunger
  • 5/5

    10/10 Raspberry Kisses

    Great product Totally recommend
  • 5/5

    8/10 Kiss My Peach

    Amazing product, same benefits as normal Oxyshred without the excess caffeine. Great option for arvo/late night training. Peach flavour is quite sweet for me, however still mixes and tastes great.
  • 2/5

    1/10 Fuji Apple

    Omg this is horrible. I saw the reviews and thought how bad can apple flavour really be? Thr oxyshred is delicious. But I nearly gagged. No. I did gag. It's bad. I will do what another review said. . Block my nose and down it
  • 5/5

    9/10 Kiss My Peach

    Nice taste and quick to prepare. I take it first thing in the morning when I wake up and noticed a difference in my energy levels straight away with taking this. Because I'm sensitive to stimulants like caffeine (they trigger my migraines), I've long struggled to find a product that can help give me an energy boost - so I like the fact that I can take this and not have to worry about unwanted side effects.
  • 5/5

    7/10 Peach Ice Tea

    Gives me a relaxing feeling before bed but definitely wake up the next morning feeling energised and ready to get the gym again, peach ice tea flavour is a bit chalky (but drinkable) definitely will be getting a different flavour once this is finished
  • 4/5

    1/10 Strawberry Daiquiri

    I started out using Oxyshred and then bought a bundle with both Oxyshred and Oxysleep. This definitely relaxes the body and helps make my mind chill out... But its so hard to drink because the flavour is terrible, I can't even pin point anything to describe it. Its sweet, doesn't taste anything like strawberry. I'm hesitant to try the rest of the flavours
  • 3/5
    I cannot get over how awful this tastes! I got the Apple because I’d read reviews saying that was the best flavour, but wowww it’s bad, I think Oxyshred tastes amazing so was expecting similar from this, but sadly no. I do think it does what it says it does though, helps with sleep and I think it’s working well as a fat burner / thermogenic so I’ll keep holding my breath and chugging one back at night until it’s gone - just not sure I have it in me to repurchase sadly!
  • 3.5/5

    3/10 Peach Ice Tea

    I got this as a sleep aid more than a fat burner, helped quite well , however the flavor isn't nice at all, stick to the apple or strawberry Flavors
  • 4/5

    10/10 Fuji Apple

    Not a massive fan of the flavour but it definitely works!! I take a long time to get to sleep but this just relaxes my body completely and according to my fitbit, my sleep quality has improved since taking it. Downside is that drinking 300ml before bed makes me need to pee in the night!

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